My Favorite Things

I am my Favorite Things!

Stacy Smith

9/5/2021 1 min read

Some of my favorite things are the simple things in life. I love to crochet, I love to harvest herbs, I love to journal and write. I love to study scripture. I love being free. I love singing to my own beat. I love eating big salads with all that crazy stuff on it that nobody likes. I love extra, extra, extra cheese on my pizza. I love clothes that have no stains, even though I live on an off grid homestead and I wash my clothes by hand. I love pretty aprons. I love to paint. I love a good tasting tea. I love to see my children laugh. I love spending time with myself. I love harvesting herbs. I love the color brown and blue. I love my Father. I love a clean clutter free house. I love reading a good book. I love siting in front of the fire in quietness. I love the changing of the seasons. AND I LOVE YOU TOO. .......................................Shalom

Pictured is Infused Wild Lettuce Glycerite w/ Vanilla and Mint (Pain Relief)